Karlynn Equestrian aims to be the number source of horseback riding information and resources. This website is formed by a group of people (including Karlynn) who all share an enormous passion for horses. In 2002. a group of friends in the United States thought to record all the amazing equestrian vacation, trails, and experience they have ever had and it set it as a reminder for the whole group until they decided to share it with the public as well. Karlynn is a simple countryside lady who took over their small ranch after his father died of old age. Since then, her love for equestrian has grown. Entering high school she met people whom she could share her passion with. Being friends for over 20 years now, they continue to share riding knowledge with one another and joined multiple equestrian sports competition. “For us, it is more than just a ride of bliss, it is also about building trust and friendship with our animal friends.” For years, horses have been a kind companion to the humankind. Tracing back years down to our ancestors’ horses are known to help efficiently whether for recreational, battle, hunting, or transport. Although today, the use of horses may seem to be quaint, there are still a lot of people out there who treat them as important.

Karylnn’s group has also joined multiple sports competitions for a cause such as the Chicago Equestrian helping multiple charities financially donating a total of $150,000. “See, this is more than just a hobby. There is always a way to give a helping hand while doing what you love. It is a win-win situation we have always pursued in the long run. We make new friends, we help each other- that is the real essence of life, isn’t?”

Today, the people behind this cause have been to over 100 equestrian sites around the world. In the corner of this website, you can get a chance to get discover paradise for riders and some ideal things to have and beginner & pro tips. Here at Karlynn, everyone is welcome to share their thoughts, suggestions, knowledge, and comments. Feel free to message the team and express yourself. Through this collection of resources, you can also find a club near your location or suitable for your need. More information shall be available once the update of the website has taken effect. Right now, we are moving a large volume of information so be sure to come back and check on it.