Most Common Beginner Horse Riding Mistake

The first time and the beginnings are always the hardest, so if you are experiencing failures in your first horseback riding do not worry, it’s just natural as long as you learn from those and grow. We know, you must be wondering what the common mistakes there are for beginners. Today, we are going over some of the most common beginner’s mistake and you possibly doing them too! But again, these mistakes are expected to happen for first timers and as you go through practices and more, you begin to pick up the pace.

Wrong Hand Positioning
Based on our experience and observation, this is by far the most common mistake done by young equestrian and riders– holding the reins the wrong way. One mistake of wrong hand positioning is when rein enters a closed hand at the thumb end and exiting through the little finger with finger facing up, pros know that this won’t just work. Another one is when you hold the hand flat, fingers facing downwards and the knuckles parallel to the ground. Holding it these ways make it hard to maintain a subtle contact with the horse’s mouth.

Forced Halt
We know, we get it. You are scared the horse might not stop at your command. But remember that pulling it roughly in the mouth is a destructive mistake. You will never be able to control a strong horse by using full force. Note that a trained horse will recognize a light contact when you push with your legs up into your hands.

Tense Arms
Always the first-timers mistake is to feel tense and nervous. That’s only natural but remember that when your muscle is tense, it might affect the way of your commanding to the horse which requires physical signals.

Looking Down
Okay, beginners are just conscious of how high they are or how they look sitting on top of the horse. This is not a casino game so always remember to keep your eyes looking ahead. This will be mostly needed on your horseback riding tour.

Slouching Position
Ever seen a jockey in a slouching position? Yes, that’s because it will be uncomfortable for the horse and the rider as well. So, always keep your back straight while focusing on the way.

Heels to the Sky
Alright, when you climb the horse your heels are probably reaching for the sky but that should not be the case while you are on a ride with your horse. Just keep it calm and cool and keep your toes pointing forward as well making a good balance.