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Welcome to Karlynn Equestrian, the home for horse riding fans and lovers! On this website, you will learn more about horses and ride them as a sport or a recreational activity. Join us in the fun and exciting world as we discover more about riding and the riders.

Equestrian events have gone a long way now, it was even included in the modern Olympic games in 1900. Today, a growing number of equestrian clubs and riders have led to the development of the sports and the places you can go to train and learn the art of horseback riding. If you are someone who is just starting on this path, then we have something for you as a head start. Learn the essentials you must have before you go on a ride and some of the best places to train.

The Horseback Riding Essentials
Before going to your horseback riding adventure, it is best to take note the outerwear you should be taking with you. Note the weather or the season around your area. We recommend this Back on Track Fleece Sweater perfect for the cold weather. Don’t get distracted by the cold wind and focus on the trail as you practice to perfection.

A pair of leather boots is perfect for horseback riding. Be sure to get a nice quality out there before you regret going barefoot half a mile of your trail destination. A usual length would be up below or past the knee, this is also to serve as a protection.

Helmets & Vests
Pro or not, helmets and vests are worn for extra protection, unless you knew the horse from the heart. We never know what will happen out there so bringing these two essential could be a life saver.

Gloves, Hats, Mitts & Scarves
A little accessory such as this Back on Track Fleece Mesh Cap (for men) and Back on Track Fleece Headband (for women) can help add comfort when you go on a long ride or training, this can also serve as your head protection. Don’t forget to bring your cold weather essentials such as scarf or mitts.

Places to Visit for Horseback Riding

Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm, Vermont (USA)
Take a relaxing break from home to work stress and visit Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm. Tour your way to a breathtaking view in Mad River Valley. Enjoy a ride with a horse as you see a refreshing mountain view, meadows, and forests. The Icelandic horse is considered one of the oldest breeds of horse in the world, they are perfect for a long trip and an ideal saddle horse.

Mexico Horse Vacation, Valle de Bravo (Mexico)
Come in either winter and summer and experience a unique horseback ride.Valle de Bravo is surrounded by mountains, valleys, and lake, a perfect vacation refreshment. You can choose from a relaxed ride, trails ride, cooking fiesta ride, and new yea’s ride. Mexico Horse Vacation has been in the business for twenty-five years now so you can expect an experienced staff who will assist you all throughout the trip.

Tsylos Park Lodge, Chilko Lake (Canada)
Chilko Lake is abundant with the scenic landscape of the high mountains resting in the background as you ride through the hidden valleys – Chilko Lake is just the perfect destination for Canadian horseback riding vacations. Other activities such as fly fishing or bear photography tours are also available. Check out their equestrian getaways and rates today.

Off Beat Safaris, Nairobi (Kenya)
Make your horseback riding extra fun and exciting when you go to Nairobi Kenya for a saddle. Off Beat Safaris opened in 1990 and has ever since giving an unforgettable experience. Feel your deep connection with nature as you walk pass by wild animals. Right now, there are over 10 trips you can try.

Hidden Trails, Loire (France)
France is known for its historical venues and explorations. The place is also best for sports equestrian. In the Loire, the longest river in France, you can explore the forestland and vineyard of the location. Immerse yourself in both culture and nature feel the aristocracy of France. Included in the itinerary are Castle of Chaumont, Castle of Amboise, Castle of Chenonceau, Castle Gué Péan, and much more.