Horseback riding could be extra fun when you share your riding moments with other people around the globe. Equestrian Tours are also available in many countries offering different horseback riding experience, learning, and views which are why we encourage you to start saving up for this life changing challenge and goal. If you are both an adventurer and a traveler, we might have some idea for you to try.

Tours in North America
If you haven’t visited Oregon, Vermont, or Quebec then you better do check on them and feel how you could gallop across the beaches through the fall foliage, the herd cattle, and the forests. You might think that US and Canada are both a place of skyscrapers, fences, and highways but if you just look closely and clearly, you will see that there are still a lot to be discovered and visit. You can look in Arizona, Florida, Massachusetts, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Wyoming, and Canada.

Tours in Central & South America
Unlike in North America, South has a lot to offer. Horse plays a crucial role in the Latin America’s culture which tracks back to the Western riding culture throughout several centuries. The cowboy culture and riding style was mainly from the evolution of the gaucho, widely known in the south originally developed in Spain. Here in South America, you will experience a world-class recreational horseback riding. You can start looking in Chile, Argentina, Belize, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, and Uruguay.

Tours in Africa
If you are both into horseback riding and nature explorations, then going to Africa should be your top priority. We admit Africa is one of the most interesting, mysterious, and exciting location to set your horseback riding vacation. Feel a deep connection with the wild and nature as you saddle across the unpaved roads of Africa. Start looking in Botswana, Kenya, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, and Tanzania.

Tours in Northern & South Europe
Without a doubt, Europe is known for its majestic equestrian heritage. Experience a refreshing and vibrant horseback riding adventure when you tour around the archaic castles and scenic landscape of the location. Some famous destinations would be England, Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Frace, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, and Spain.

Tours in Asia
It is all in their history- horses are part of Asia’s culture and history. If you are up for some interesting stories and nature trips then this one is to look out for. Horses is a crucial helper during the Ancient history and are still evident until today. You can see that in India, Japan, Mongolia, and Turkey.

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